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The Daring Prince Dashing

Author: Marilou T. Reeder

Illustrator: Karl West

Sky Pony Press

ISBN-10: 1634501616

ISBN-13: 978-1634501613


Prince Dashing bathes with crocodiles, eats while dangling upside down from the tallest trees, and toasts s’mores by dragon’s breath.

The night of the royal ice cream social, he meets a girl as adventurous as he is. But at the stroke of bedtime, the girl hurries off, leaving behind her mysterious stick. In his usual daring way, Dashing ventures out to search for the stick’s owner. He gallops by groups of thugs, tromps past toothy crocodiles, and eventually stumbles into the zoo. Will he ever find his friend?

Follow Dashing and one equally daring girl in this humorous tale of fearless fun and friendship.


“With just the right amounts of silliness and playfulness, this is an easy story for a wide range of readers to enjoy over and over.”—School Library Journal

“West’s brightly colored vignette and double-page-spread illustrations are full of funny details, especially the scenes in the zoo. Nicely, this fairy-tale heroine isn’t in need of saving—there’s no stepmother and no forced labor, though she does clean her own home. For those kids who find nasty sisters, cleaning, and losing a shoe to be too tame, this is a daredevil alternative.”—Kirkus Reviews